Specialty Programs for our Special Patients

Center for Hospice Care has developed three innovative programs to help meet the needs of our patients. HeartWize for advanced heart disease, BreatheEasy for COPD, and our DementiaCare Program each address the unique needs of patients affected by these diseases.  End stage heart disease, lung disease, and dementia now comprise over half the diagnoses of all CHC patients. Each of these programs includes the use of emotional, spiritual, and complementary approaches to care as appropriate in addition to family support. 


Providing specialized care and treatment for patients with late-stage dementia, their families, and caregivers.


The BreatheEazy program is designed to offer patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) an option for optimal management of their care. When patients with maximally treated COPD would like to avoid further re-hospitalizations and are not candidates for further surgical procedures, the BreatheEazy program can assist the physician, patient and family to manage the symptoms of COPD at home.


In May 2007, Ken Baumgartner ‘s physician told him to get his affairs together as he only had three months to live. A former Chicago fire fighter diagnosed with congestive heart failure, Baumgartner was quickly tiring of physicians. He then became a patient with Center for Hospice Care (CHC) where he remained a patient until his March 8, 2011 death. For almost three years after hearing his life would soon end, he met weekly with his nurse, Jean Shaw, RN, who was with him every step of the way.