A Hole in Me Since the Day You Died

The book, The Hole in Me Since the Day You Died, developed by David Labrum, features the artwork of seven adults who experienced the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one or ones. They use their art as a way of communicating their thoughts and feelings about their loss. Painting and drawing became a tactile process in which they were able to express emotions too painful or too overwhelming to voice.

The Hole in Me Since the Day You Died provides a unique insight and perspective into the grieving process. The artwork appears as separate "visual stories". A statement involving each loved one(s) death proceeds the artwork. Readers are then able to observe each person, through their artwork, gradually work through their grief over a period of weeks, months and years. They used their artwork as a way of exploring themselves - shaping, defining and eventually transcending their grief experience.

The seven individuals whose artwork is presented in this book were among the many participants working with Labrum in a program called After Images. Labrum created this program in conjunction with Center for Hospice Care in South Bend, Indiana. The Hole in Me Since the Day You Died was created for those who are bereaved, family and friends helping those who are grieving, and professionals working in the field of grief.