…Individual and group programs to educate and support people experiencing grief following the loss of someone through death.

Center for Hospice Care offers a variety of  grief and bereavement services in Indiana. Part of our mission is to educate and support people experiencing grief following the loss of a loved one due to illness.

You've trusted us to ensure your loved one's comfort and help he or she live with dignity until the very end. Now, allow us to help as you go through the mourning process and adjust to this new chapter in your life.

Counseling and Support Groups

Grief is a natural response to losing someone we hold dear. One has to experience it to overcome it, but you don't need to do this alone. We have counselors and volunteers who facilitate programs to help you cope with pain and sadness healthily.

Our grief and bereavement programs are available at no charge to anyone in the agency's service area.  We have support groups and activities for children, teens, and adults. If you prefer to have a private counseling session, our grief counselors will be happy to accommodate you. Contact us so we may schedule a meeting.

For more information about our bereavement services, drop by our Life Transition Center at Mishawaka. You may also call us at (574) 255-1064. 


Grief Support Booklet 2019 Updated Insert

Contains dates and time of upcoming bereavement services.

Grief Support Booklet 2019

A  general quarterly listing of bereavement groups and services.

Bereavement Reflections Newsletter
Bereavement Reflections Issues
Grief Support for Adults
Grief Support for Adults

Our individual and group bereavement programs in Indiana educate and provide emotional support. We focus on remembering loved ones, honoring their lives and allowing their memories to live on. Whether you're a widow, parent, or child, there is support group for you.

How to Get Started with Counseling Services

Grief is a personal experience. There is no "right way" to go about it; only a roadmap that guides people as they navigate through the process of mourning. Some prefer to grieve on their own, while others seek support from others. Regardless of which you are, count on us to provide support and access to services that can aid in your recovery.

Children's and Teen's Services
Children's and Teen's Services

Young people often have different and unpredictable responses to death. Most children don't understand yet what passing means, and teenagers have to deal with the "realness" of death. Fortunately, young people are resilient. They simply need guidance and understanding, which our counselors and support groups and provide.

Camp Evergreen
Camp Evergreen

We organize an annual camping activity where children and teens get to break the monotomy of their daily life and meet other people their age who've also experienced loss. Participants get to release their emotions through outdoor camping activities. They will have kind and caring adults who'll show them that it's okay to have fun and continue enjoying life.

After Images Art Counseling Program
After Images Art Counseling Program

Some people have difficulty expressing their grief either in individual or group counseling sessions. We've found that they may need a different outlet and that art could be a good channel for their emotions. Our art counseling programs offers a deeply personal counseling experience that can help reticent individuals cope with grief.

Links and Resources

Part of Center for Hospice Care's mission is to educate families, volunteers, and palliative care professionals on matters concerning hospice and grief counseling. Anyone is welcome to get in touch and consult regarding a patient needing hospice care. For more information, here is a list of authoritative and reliable online resources.

Book Club

We've expanded or grief and bereavement services to include book clubs for adults, teens, and children. We recommend books for reading and hold a discussion event. Reading real-life stories about people who've experienced loss can help families heal.